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Australian businesses have been offshoring services for decades. But modern offshoring companies are making the task of creating remote teams far simpler, enabling businesses to build their dream team for a lot less.

At a time of rising costs and a global skills shortage, we wanted to delve deeper into the perceptions and attitudes of Australian business owners and managers towards offshoring jobs overseas.

We all know there’s a problem with Australian businesses struggling to hire the skills they need to grow, but it’s time to move the conversation forward.

While there’s no single easy solution, not even considering looking globally to source the talent you need makes no sense in this day and age.

The fact is that Australian businesses need to look globally to solve their hiring issues, or face shutting their doors.

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Key findings:

Struggling Version 02
57% admit that their business is struggling to meet increasing labour costs and remain profitable,
Business may have to close Version 01
37% believe their business may have to close if they can't find skilled staff - or if labour costs continue to increase.
Surveyed concerned Version 01
Yet while businesses are keen to look for alternative ways to find and hire the staff they need, the fear of a potential backlash is very real with 68% of those surveyed concerned about client reactions if they were to offshore staff.
Need to reduce costs in the business Version 01
65% of managers have become more conscious of the need to reduce costs in the business
Strongly agree Version 02
59% agree or strongly agree that ideally the business needs additional staff to provide support outside normal business hours
Businesses have found it harder to hire Version 01
More than two thirds of Australian businesses have found it harder to hire the right skills in the last two years. IT tops the list as the hardest skill set to hire (32%) followed by administration (28%) and finance and accounting (25%)
Survey respondents Version 01
One third of survey respondents know of other businesses in their industry who are already offshoring a range of business functions from IT and sales support, to software developer, travel agent, graphic design, accounting and marketing roles.

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